Finally, you can have

a copywriter with sales & marketing experience

and expertise on your team.  


                  If you want your copy to:

•  Drive sales

   •  Increase business

      •  Build loyal repeat customers

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Doug Johnson's

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"Flaming enthusiasm,

backed up by horse sense

and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success."


- Dale Carnegie

Marketing Expertise to Grow Your Business

then we need to talk.




There are only 3 ways to grow your business: 


  • New business

  • Increased business from existing customers

  • Referral business from existing customers


The quality of the copy you use to persuade new customers & retain and motivate existing customers directly impacts their response.  Even if you've got the best salespeople around, the written copy your business uses remains as a constant marketing and sales tool when you aren't there.  


Nothing will help your company attain its growth goals more than professionally written copy.  It is the easiest and most effective way to grow your business.


It's a fact.  Professionally written copy drives sales, increases business, and helps build loyal repeat customers.  But the copy you use needs to answer the age-old question of all buyers:  What's in it for me?  That's the real question every buyer needs answered before they make a buying decision.  


I know exactly how to create that kind of copy because I have the knowledge, background and experience to understand marketing and sales better than other copywriters.  


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Consulting also available on a select basis

I have owned businesses and worked in corporate America.  Following that I have spent years working as a business consultant helping business not just survive, but thrive.  Today I prefer to spend most of my time writing.  That's why copywriting is the centerpiece of what I offer.  However, I will consider taking on special consulting projects.   My background makes me uniquely qualified to address management, marketing & sales, and operations issues.  

Doug's expertise has helped companies large and small.  Some well known companies include:





Humana Health Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Raymond James & Associates

Paul Revere Life Insurance

and many others