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"Flaming enthusiasm,

backed up by horse sense

and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success."


- Dale Carnegie

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then we need to talk.

I grew up in a business family and developed a passion for business very young.  I have been blessed to see successes that few people are ever privileged to see.  My family and personal life are a large part of what has made me who I am.  So, whether I'm working with a client, speaking to a business group, or out in the mountains on horseback, it's all part of who I am.  But there some other things you should know about me.


For over 35 years I've lived it, done it, and succeeded repeatedly at it.  I've walked in your shoes and know what businesspeople face on a daily basis.  Here's a list of 7 things that qualify me as your best choice as a copywriter for your business.


7 things you should know about me:


1.)  I know the risks, fears, pressures, and rewards you face.  I started my first business while in school to finance my education.  It was successful and I ended up selling it and starting 2 more before I was 23 years old.  (I built and sold them, too).  That means you will be dealing with someone who understands what it's like to be on the front line, taking the risk, and building a business.


2.)  I'm comfortable working with people at all levels in any organization.  After I sold my businesses I went to work in coporate America and by age 34 was CEO of a Fortune 500 subsidiary.  I know what it is to achieve and be accountable in a corporate environment.  I know about corporate goals and expectations.  That means that I know what you face each day in your position and am used to dealing with people from the mail room to C suite executives because I've been there myself.


3.)  I know exactly what it takes to persuade buyers.  I was trained in the sales persuasion methods developed by John Patterson that made NCR legendary in their sales performance.  That training was followed by training in IBM and Xerox's sales methods (also built on Patterson's methodology) that made those companies icons in the sales industry.  That means that I've mastered the art of persuasion used by the world's most successful sales organizations and can use those skills for your business.


4.)  I have insights into buyers thoughts and mindset that few have.  I have worked in a variety of industries and markets throughout the U. S. and broken nationwide performance records in every industry in which I have been involved.  My personal sales performance was at the top of every company and industry in which I've worked.  I've shattered records over and over again.  That means I know exactly what it takes to get buyers to say yes.


5.)  I have written business books that have received great acclaim and won awards.  I won the Best Sales Advice Book Award  for my book on sales.  When my management & leadership book was published I won the 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading Award.  That means I can communicate in a written form that is effective and powerful.  Those same skills that I use for books can be used by you for the success of your organization.


6.)  Working in business I found myself often writing and rewriting business literature, documents, advertising and publications.  Through those experiences, and while writing my business books, I have developed a love for writing and helping businesses utilize content to market their products and services more effectively.  What my love for writing means to you is that my passion for business and writing can be used to help make your business the best it can be.


7.)  And even though I've had success in business and in writing business books, I want to be the best I can be.  So, I've gone on to increase my professional development by receiving business copywriting training through American Writers & Artists, Inc. (considered the gold standard for copywriting training in America).  What that means to you is that I am specifically trained to write the kinds of things that businesses need and use.  I'm not just someone who writes.  I'm trained to write for business.  That, along with my business experience and passion for business makes me the best solution for your copywriting needs.


Doug Johnson

Sumon around 1998

At a speaking engagement

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Here's what some people have said about working with me:


Doug is PHENOMENAL at what he does;  I have had the pleasure of working with him on several projects and he just gets it!  His exceptional attention to ensuring a positive and turn-key experience is unsurpassed;  also just as exciting is the depth and breadth of knowledge he brings to the table on just about everything!  With Doug you get access to all of his dynamic experience combined with an approachable demeanor and great attitude;  all geared toward ensuring the best possible results.  It's no wonder that he continues to position his clients and himself for success!!


Rachael McCombs, Project Manager, Digital First Media



Doug Johnson is the best man I know for providing sales advice, wisdom, strategies, etc.  He is also excellent at producing and writing effective content for marketing and sales presentations.  He has written invaluable material for my website as well as for my clients' promotional brochures.  I look forward to utilizing Doug's services many times in the future.  I highly recommend his services for your business as well.


Nathan Fisher, Sr. Designer & Design Consultant, Ideas Ablaze


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Doug's expertise has helped companies large and small.  Some of the more well known companies include:





Humana Health Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Raymond James & Associates

Paul Revere Life Insurance

and many others

2017 speaking 1 Fever and Dancer approx 1999

With my horses in the Rocky Mountains