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"Flaming enthusiasm,

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- Dale Carnegie

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Sales? Yuck! Who wants to be in sales? Aren't salespeople those obnoxious, pushy, high-pressure people we all try to avoid? People avoid dealing with salespeople at all costs. They want to buy without being pressured.


For salespeople, isn't it easier when someone chooses to buy instead of manipulating them into a purchase? Wouldn't it be great to be able to get people to make those decisions without having to push them into it? Wouldn't your sales soar if you could get people to buy without having to be a salesman?


In this breakthrough book, Doug Johnson breaks the rules and shows you how you can avoid being a salesman and simply get people to buy.


You'll learn:

• The key to make a business successful.

• The truth many big name sales trainers aren't telling you.

• How positive thinking is harming your sales.

• How to avoid prospecting and have more success than ever.

• Why low price won't give you sales success.

• Why you don't need to have answers to every objection.

• Why "closing the sale" is the worst thing you can do.

• Why knowing all those "closing techniques" won't really help you.

• And more!

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Doug's expertise has helped companies large and small.  Some of the more well known companies include:





Humana Health Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Raymond James & Associates

Paul Revere Life Insurance

and many others

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Doug Johnson has written a radical new book on effective management and leadership. Many Are Called But Few Can Manage: How to Succeed in Management Where Most People Fail was born out of Doug's 35+ years in business and seeing how most managers fail at the most important aspect of their jobs.


Virtually everyone has worked for a manager that seemed like they were from The Twilight Zone. And when each of us move into management ourselves there's a good chance we may become just like them.


Little is said about it. Less is taught about it. But the fact is that most people fail in the most important part of management: leadership. If you want people to follow, you have to lead.


It doesn't matter what level of management you're at. It doesn't matter how long you've held your position. It doesn't matter what your title is. The fact is that unless you lead, people aren't willingly going to follow. And that means you're going to fail.


But you can succeed. You can be the manager that truly learns to lead and gets results like few others.


Whether you're a high level executive, a mid-level manager, or a lower-level supervisor, regardless of how long you've been in management you need to learn how to be an effective manager. Develop the skills laid out in this book and you can lead like the best of them!

With this book, Doug Johnson show business owners and solo professionals how to stand out from their competitors with an edge that eliminates that competition.


Doug shows you how to get the ultimate marketing edge for your business.


Have you ever wondered if you could make your business stand our from your competition?


Traditional marketing methods like print advertising, radio, TV, and other formats have become more and more difficult to reach a payoff for your business.


You've tried social media and found limited, if any, success. It's hard to get prospective customers to consider anything other than price when comparing you to your competitors. Business is tough enough to come by during good times, let alone when the economy is difficult. What do you do?


There is an answer: A solution that will make your business stand out from the competition. It's the Ultimate Marketing Tool. The Ultimate Marketing Tool can:


  • Allow you to grow your business regardless of the economy.

  • Put you in a place that eliminates price competition.

  • Help you establish your business as unique in the market, putting you on an entirely different level when being compared to your competition.


In this book you will learn how you can get the edge on your competition and have the Ultimate Marketing Tool work for you.

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