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then we need to talk.

Holy cow - you have been doing your homework!  That is a very informative read!  That is an amazing document.  You are an excellent word smith.


Dave Finley

The Locus Design Group


Note:  Dave followed up those comments with a reference letter that said:


To sum up my experience with Doug, I found out three important things:

1.)  He is honest.  He does what he says.

2.)  He is timely.

3.)  He is fun to work with.



Doug is PHENOMENAL at what he does;  I have had the pleasure of working with him on several projects and he just gets it!  His exceptional attention to ensuring a positive and turn-key customer experience is unsurpassed;  also just as exciting is the depth and breadth of knowledge he brings to the table on just about everything!  With Doug you get access to all of his dynamic experience combined with an approachable demeanor and great attitude;  all geared toward ensuring the best possible results.  It's no wonder that he continues to position his clients and himself for success!!


Rachael McCombs

Project Manager

Digital First Media



Doug Johnson is the best man I know for providing sales advice, wisdom, strategies, etc.  He is also excellent at producing and writing effective content for marketing and sales presentations.  He has written invaluable material for my website as well as for my clients' promotional brochures.  I look forward to utilizing Doug's services many times in the future.  I highly recommend his services for your business as well.


Nathan Fisher

Senior Designer & Design Consultant

Ideas Ablaze



Doug Johnson used his professionalism and his incredible sales and marketing skills to create promotional material that is perfect and effective for The Elise Richmond Show.  This promotional borchure will be instrumental in achieving my goal of giving businesses real and valid reasons to become a sponsor of the show.  This sales brochure will not be forgotten in a dark drawer or filed away, but rather it will be effectively used for years to come.  Thanks you, Doug, for creating real tools, not just words on paper.


Elise Richmond


The Elise Richmond Show



Doug is a great guy to work with.  Anyone wanting success in their sales and/or marketing should definitely check out Doug.  


Dehanna Bailee

Blue Leaf Publications



Thank you for working on our sales literature for us.  I am very pleased with the work you did and feel it displays our work much better.


Jacob Yoder


Home Yard Barns



This is great writing work.  You're starting to turn some heads with the Board of Directors.  Good work.


Jay Peroni, CFP and renowned financial advisor and author's comment when he was CEO of a values-oriented investment firm




Doug Johnson is a brilliant business man, which is what any organization truly needs.  With his expertise, wisdom, and business savvy I have confidence that an organization will be able to meet the challenges it faces.  When an organization faces problems that make it highly improbable to succeed, Doug Johnson is the person I would turn to for help to turn it around.


Kathleen Campbell


Campbell Public Relations



Doug, thank you for taking so much time with me.  It was so encouraging.  I feel like we are really on the same page and with all the experience you have it encourages me to feel that I've got some of the right ideas about business.  You helping me is a real answer to prayer.  Thanks again and I look forward to doing more in the future.


James Dibben


Builders Installation Group, LLC



Working with Doug Johnson has got to be one of the best things I've invested in thus far.  His know-how and insight into business in general was evident.  And it came through in his thought process and direction.  He brings years of experience to the table.  Doug made me think outside of the box that we had built our business in.  He knew that I needed more than just a coach.  He gave me ideas that I had never even considered, and that are sure to be profitable to our company.  He even helped me rewrite the way we present our company to prospective clients.  I had never used a business consultant until now.  Doug certainly made the experience worth it.  I hope to work with him again in the future.


Jackie Lambert


Tapestry of Truth





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